ATX Power Supplies Faqs

ATX Power Supplies Faqs

If you are looking to buy an ATX power supply you are likely going to have some questions about them – especially if you do not know a lot about technology.  This is where ATX power supplies FAQs can be useful.  Read on to see some of the most popular ATX power supplies FAQs and their answers.

Q. What Does “ATX” stand for?

A. ATX stands for Advanced Technology eXtended.

Q. What is the Best ATX Power Supply That Has a 24 Pin Main Connector?

A. Most power supplies can plug into 24 connections.

Q. What is the Most Common Problem of ATX Power Supplies?

A. A main issue with ATX power supplies is that the electrolytic capacitators run out and stop functioning. This problem is often overlooked as many people will not test the AC ripples on output lines and measuring the DC voltage (which is how most people check their power supply), will not demonstrate this problem.

Q. What is the Difference between an ATX Power Supply and a TFX Power Supply?

A. A TFX is a small form factor PSU. Their casing is smaller than a full ATX power supply. Computers that have been fitted with a TFX are unable to accommodate an ATX power supply as they simply do not have the space.

Q. Is It Possible To Fit an ATX Power Supply to a Micro ATX Case?

A. Many people hope that a Micro ATX case will fit a regular ATX power supply, as the regular ATX power supply is cheaper than a micro ATX power supply. Unfortunately, it is not possible to fit a regular ATX power supply onto a Micro ATX case. This is due to size.

Q. Will an ATX Power Supply Fit into all ATX Cases?

A. If the case is marked as an ATX case and the power supply is marked as ATX, then they will fit. However, make sure that it is marked as ATX and not as Micro ATX, for example.

Q. Can You Put an ATX Power Supply Upside Down?

A. Some cases have holes in the bottom, rather than the top. This means that if you were to fit the fan the right way around, the air it blows will have nowhere to go. Although it is not regulated advice, many users have placed their ATX power supply in unconventional positions, such as upside down, to improve the air flow and have not reported any problems.

Q. What Is The Difference between PS/2 Power Supply and ATX Power Supply?

A. Generally, there is a difference in size between a PS/2 Power Supply and an ATX Power Supply and users are advised to use the power supply that the motherboard was initially built for. If you do not know which power supply fits with your motherboard, there are plenty of schematics available that will be able to tell you this.

Q. Can an ATX Power Supply Be Changed For a DPS Power Supply?

A. Technically, this could be possible. However, the DPS Power Supply is a much older model and it could potentially mean the PC is no longer able to run all the hardware and software that it was able to run on an ATX power supply, even if they have the same wattage.

Q. Is It Possible to Get 19v From an ATX Power Supply?

A. No, the maximum output for an ATX Power Supply is 12V and it is not possible to increase this without burning out the system.