Atx Power Supplies Types

Atx Power Supplies Types

The computer is an infinitely complex piece of electronics – it’s sometimes impossible to fathom how it is possible that it does what it does from looking at it.  One might be inclined to attribute it simply to witchcraft.  But inside the black or beige box, a host of different electronic components work together to provide us with the functionality we’ve become so reliant on in our daily lives.  These complex parts all need to be powered and they all have three very different power requirements.  Because of this, it makes it very important that the power supply you use is correctly selected for your computer – and with so many different ATX Power Supplies types, if you don’t know what to use, it’s a bit like rolling a dice.  Let’s have a look at these types now.

What are the ATX Power Supplies Types?

The power supply unit is responsible for taking the power received to it from the mains outlet and performs several things to it. First of all, it cleans up the power, making sure the frequency and voltage is correct. Once this is done this power is split into a few different voltages and distributed to the different components inside the computer, which all have different power requirements. For example, you computer’s hard disk drive requires both a 5V and a 12V power source to function correctly, so the power supply is responsible for supplying it, as well as all the other power requirements inside a computer. ATX power supply types, in short, regulate the power in the computer and ensure each component is powered correctly.

Where to Purchase ATX Power Supplies Types

  • Dabs Online is an online computer store specialising in all ATX power supplies types and offer reasonable delivery prices across the mainland United Kingdom.
  • Scan Technology is based in Horwich, Bolton and supplies these parts from their showroom and offer delivery.
  • Novatech is a Portsmouth based company that also offers the same of all ATX power supplies types. They have a large showroom and offer friendly free advice to their customers.

Estimated Costs of ATX Power Supplies Types

The prices of ATX power supply types range greatly depending on a number of factors, but almost always you can rest assured with one thing – the more money you spend, the better quality power supply you’ll get. A basic 300 to 400W power supply will cost you around £15 to £20 but you can be sure that it won’t compare in reliability and quality for the same wattage power supply that costs upwards of £50. Depending on the wattage, power supplies can go for anything up to and over £150.

The bottom line is, no matter what computer system you have, the quality of your power supply is very important. Too often this is overlooked by consumers looking to spend money for performance computer parts and not realising the impact of an inferior quality power supply. Be sure to purchase ATX power supply types that are going to give your computer systems longevity and not contribute to premature failure.