ATX Power Supplies

ATX Power Supplies

Introduction To ATX Power Supplies

ATX Power Supplies as many people will know will be found in most new desktop computers these days. ATX is the current standard form for most desktop PC builds and as such means that ATX Power supplies for the time being at least, will be the most commonly used power supply. They were introduced in 1995 and as of right now are the top selling power supply.

As all will know, any desktop computer requires a power supply unit to power the motherboard and all of the hardware connected to that motherboard. It is the heart of the PC, pumping the blood (power) throughout its body. It is an essential part of any computer, the computer will not work without a fully functioning power supply.

Physical Characteristics

  • 6 x 3.5 x 5.5 inches
  • 150 x 86 x 140 mm

To mount to the casing they have an arrangement layout of 4 screws at the back of the unit. All ATX Power Supplies come with an inbuilt fan on the rear, to of course help to keep the unit cool. The power supply consists of multiple connectors for peripherals on the motherboard, along with power cables for the CPU and motherboard itself.

Where To Purchase ATX power supplies

As of all desktop computer hardware, sometimes ATX Power Supplies need to be replaced, there are many reasons for this from just general wear and tear to burning out. And when that time comes, depending on your knowledge of PC building there are different options on how to replace the faulty power supply. Do you buy it yourself and fit it manually or do you get it done by a professional?

If you require somebody else to fit the replacement power supply there are plenty of local business's in the UK that will fit the unit for you, for a charge of course. Whether you buy the power supply from them or purchase it yourself from another vendor is again another decision for you to make. Or perhaps you know a computer savvy friend who has the confidence and ability to fit it for you?

If you have experience or knowledge of the inside of a PC and decide you would like to try and replace the power supply yourself then again you have options on where to purchase the unit. Again you can opt for a local business, or find the product online. Generally the best price's will be online, but if you don’t want to wait for it to be delivered and would prefer to pay that little extra to have it straight away, go see your local business's that can help you.

General Prices Of ATX power supplies

Depending on the ATX Power Supplies you need, prices can vary from as little as £15 to as much as nearly £200 for the top end PSU's. Of course pricing is dictated by brand, and by the wattage needed. Most will advise to go for a recognised and trusted brand of ATX Power Supplies, because if you buy cheap generally you will receive cheap.